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What is Hosted VOIP?

An important question to ask yourself is what is Hosted VOIP. Hosted VOIP is what is going to make the biggest difference in your company right now in terms of communication and profitability. If this is what your company needs, then you know the solution. Hosted VOIP is an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protcol which replaces ordinary telephones. If your business does a lot of international or long distance calling then Hosted VOIP will help to cut your calling costs and open your business up to the global community.

With a good internet connection, router, switch and IP phones, our Dallas Hosted VOIP service can connect you instantly to the world. is a Dallas VOIP provider who connects your business’s calling and data traffic though hosted PBX equipment and it is the preferred service for small to medium sized businesses. If you want the power of a larger global company but you are smaller and on a budget, Hosted VOIP will make your company the profits that you need to expand without the large price tag.

There are many reasons why your company should use Hosted VOIP. Some of the main advantages that will offer your business include:

  • Savings of up to 80% with free office to office calling, unlimited local calls and flat rate long distance calls.
  • There are no more maintenance and upgrade charges since the carrier keeps the system maintained.
  • Your calling system is always kept up to date with the latest calling features.
  • You can ask for help at any time with our 800 number help desk.

When you are looking for reliability and savings in a phone carrier, Hosted VOIP is the best choice for your company.

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Why Hosted VOIP?

  • No more Maintenance The carrier keeps the system maintained.
  • No More End of Life The System is kept up to date with all the latest features.
  • No more PBX All the customer needs is the Router, Switch and Phone.
  • Easy administration from a web portal.
  • 800# help desk.
  • Add and delete extensions as needed.
  • Enterprise Class Features, Visual Voice Mail, Find Me Follow Me, Conferencing, E911, Auto Attendant and many more.
  • Free office to office calling, Flat Rate Long Distance, Unlimited Local.
  • Save up to 80% as compared to traditional PRI service.
  • Save on moves adds and changes.
  • Maintenance and upgrade charges are eliminated.